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  • Founded in 2013

  • Based out of Corona, CA

  • One of the fastest-growing apparel manufacturers in the country​



When a retailer orders a style from LuLaRoe- the unique, limited-edition prints are unknown to them. Not until that box of inventory arrives at their doorsteps will they begin their unicorn hunt for their favorite pieces. 



With so many diverse styles and a great range of sizing (XXS through 3XL), there endless options for dressing up or down while providing layering piece options as well. 



Many people know LuLaRoe for the huge variety of prints. But there is also a huge variety of fabrics as well. Here are A FEW of the fabrics that create the amazing pieces in the LuLaRoe line:

  • Jersey – A knit fabric that is lightweight. Very commonly used fabric.

  • ITY – Commonly known as “slinky” fabric. This has the most drape. And best of all, it DOES NOT WRINKLE. ITY keeps its shape and drapability no matter what making it a great traveling fabric. LuLaRoe creates this fabric from the yarn up.

  • Ponte – This is a foil print. Uses a special technique to lay the glue and then the foil over the top, but there is no price change for these items.

  • Chiffon – This is a sheer fabric, so skirts with this fabric are often lined

  • Jacquard – The design is knitted into the fabric versus screen print! LuLaRoe has perfected creating 2-tone jacquard fabrics in t-shirt weight material.

  • Spun polyester – Does not shrink, great washability, no need to iron. Breathable and lightweight.

  • Triblend – With this fabric, you can do 2-tone dye or 3-tone dyes, which allows for great variation.

  • Liverpool – You will commonly see this fabric in Amelias, Cassies and occasionally Caryls. 200 – 220 gram weight. Helps hold structure. Has 4-way stretch.

  • MVS – Can be created in rayon or poly. Has anti-pill characteristics.

  • Yard dye- The yarn is dyed first, then knitted. Comes in Irmas and Julias

  • Mock twist yarn – Offers heathers options commonly seen on Randys.

  • Cotton based – LuLaRoe offers a few styles with this fabric but not many because it shrinks and doesn’t hold its structure.

  • DTY – Leggings material fabric. Other soft leggings are 170 grams, single brush, and then print without yoga band. LuLaRoe leggings are 190-200 grams, which means they have more yarn. We do more than 1 brush. This technique is what creates the super soft feel of the leggings. LuLaRoe leggings material is patent pending. You will not find better leggings out there.

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